Can I See the Mississauga Dentist While I’m Pregnant?

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If you are pregnant you can still see your dentist.

You can even visit the emergency dental clinic Mississauga.

There are no dangers to your baby to have your regular checkups and dental cleaning Mississauga done. In fact, having cleanings during pregnancy is even more important as your hormones can cause your gums to swell and trap food.


Tips for dentistry and your pregnancy

First, tell your dentist even if you just think you are pregnant and let him or her know as soon as you have seen your doctor and confirmed that you are pregnant.

Second, pregnancy can be a stressful time; doctor’s appointments, setting up the nursery, etc. so make sure you brush twice a day and floss once.

Third, if you need emergency dental work tell the office that you are pregnant when you call.


Dental X-rays and pregnancy

Yes, you can have dental x-rays during pregnancy especially for emergency dental issues; however, if you can postpone the x-rays until after the baby is born do so.

The hygienist or dental lab technician will make sure that a lead blanket covers you, and the radiation in dental x-rays is low so any effects on you or the baby will be minimal if you need an x-ray done.

In fact, a study in the Journal of American Dental Association shows that the dentist will prescribe medication if it is necessary for the mother even if she is breastfeeding as long as they know the medication will not harm the baby. This means your Mississauga dentist may have to do a little research on the medication and if they are unsure they may not prescribe it.

Bristol Dental Care can safely help you with your dentistry needs while you are pregnant.

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