Fun Apps to Take Care of All Your Family’s Teeth

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Visiting the dentist as a family is a great way to ensure everyone is receiving regular checkups and taking good care of oral health. You can take family dentistry Mississauga a step further by using some of these fun mobile apps, suitable for users of all ages.


Dental Expert

This app contains a wealth of information about dental care. If you have a concern or are wondering if you need to schedule a visit to your dentist sooner than normal, check the app for advice. It is also useful for gaining more information before you arrive at the clinic, meaning you can be ready with any specific questions for your dentist.

Colgate Tooth Fairy

Colgate Tooth Fairy helps you improve the dental care and education of your children through a game and other features. Parents can also benefit from the album, where you manage your kids’ dental progress and appointments.

Brush DJ

You know that you need to brush your teeth for at least two minutes, but most people rarely time themselves. With the Brush DJ app, you will receive two minutes of songs from your mobile device. Plus, the app offers reminders for when you need to visit the dentist or change your toothbrush.

My Smile

My Smile has a number of useful functions. For instance, your dental hygienist has probably shown you the proper brushing technique, but you may have forgotten it. Receive a recap whenever you need it with tutorials in the app. My Smile also manages appointments for your whole family, which is great for remembering if someone needs an additional visit.

Dental Fear Central

If anyone in your family suffers from a fear of visiting the dentist, use this app to help manage the phobia. Dental Fear Central includes stories of people who have overcome their anxiety, tips to cope in the dental chair, and a chance to share your own experiences.

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