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Perfection with no match

Every conversation with Dr. Annie Thomas creates a clear guidance on my dental health. A true professional second to none. Rajan

Rajan Chelleth

The overall experience I have had is amazing. They have a proper system for how things are run and also make sure everything is on schedule. I had braces and Dr.Shakti made sure that my teeth came out straight and he was successful. So I recommend anyone to come to Bristol Dental Clinic

Jonathan Jacob

Dr Annie never forgets a name and a face

I just dropped yesterday to book an appointment after 7 years when I moved back to my parents house from montreal and she recognized me right away with my name.

I Love Dr. Thomas

She very warm and pleasant and I feel very comfy in her care. What I love even more is she explains procedures as you go and sometimes even lets you see what's going on while she is working... I think she is amazing!

Delighted and Impressed

I recently moved to mississauga came to the dental clinic as a new patient yesterday morning. What a delightful surprise I received...
I was greeted in a warm and friendly manner and reception and saw as I was filling out the forms that other patients were being treated with professionals friendly care from the ladies at receptions. They were truly engaging. I was impressed and put at ease.
Then I met Nicole. What an incredible experience I had! She clearly is one of the best in her field, loves her job and fully delighted and impressed me during my time in her chair.
I am not someone who writes thanku letters for service but I can't help but say thanku for the great care I received yesterday.


Very sweet and kind Dentist, very human and gentle with kids. I was fascinated by the procedures as she let me watch on the monitor while she filled a cavity. I had continued pain with one tooth and she was concerned about it, and made sure followed up. But she also did tease me a bit for being overly sensitive (which I am!)