Family, Cosmetic & Speciality Dentistry Clinic

Welcome to Bristol Dental Clinic. Located in Central Mississauga, we provide family, cosmetic and specialty dentistry. We also provide emergency dental services. We are a fully-digital dental clinic equipped with the latest technology providing very high standards of dental care, safety and comfort. Our technology compliments the personal attention provided by the dentists, clinicians and non-clinicians.

Dentistry at Bristol Dental Clinic is a blend of healing arts and sciences. It is an art enhancing your personality and smile. It is a science providing dental care through diagnosis and treatment of adverse oral conditions with prevention as the ultimate goal. We look deeper. We practice informed dentistry. No patient ever leaves the dental office without being informed of their oral health condition.

New patients (and emergencies) are always welcome to our dental practice. We pride ourselves on trying to make dentistry a pleasant experience and strive to care for all your dental needs as thoroughly and efficiently as possible. We look forward for an opportunity to provide you with excellent dental care. Emergencies are treated on the same day.

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Clinic Hours

Monday10:00AM 07:00PM
Tuesday10:00AM 07:00PM
Wednesday10:00AM 07:00PM
Thursday12:00PM 07:00PM
Friday10:00AM 04:00PM
Saturday09:00AM 04:00PM

Dr. Annie Thomas

Dr. Annie Thomas, an honors graduate from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto, is the principal dentist. She also has a bachelor degree in dental surgery (B.D.S) from Mangalore University. She is a member of the Royal College of Dental… READ MORE

Dr. Laura Minea - Mississauga Dentist - Bristol Dental

Dr. Laura Minea

Dr. Laura Minea graduated with honors from the Doctor of Dental Surgery program at the University of Toronto. Adding to the ethical and compassionate philosophy at the Bristol Dental Clinic, her goal in dentistry is to improve her patients’… READ MORE



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