Digital Panoramic X-Ray Machine

Digital Panoramic X-Ray Machine

Growing demand for clinical procedures, such as implants and orthodontics, along with emerging needs in general diagnosis and treatment planning, places panoramic radiography at the forefront of contemporary oral health care.

Sorodex Cranex-D digital panoramic X-ray machine.

At Bristol Dental Clinic, we use Sorodex Cranex-D digital panoramic X-ray machine. It is designed for patient care and safety. It has a variety of programs to allow the dentist to choose the exact image you need without extra radiation exposure. The dentist can choose from multiple program settings such as a standard panoramic, pediatric panoramic, sectional panoramic, bitewings, TMJ and sinus examinations and cephalometric X-rays.

The Sorodex Cranex-D digital panoramic X-ray machine gathers approximately 90% of radiation emitted, maximizing data collection, optimizing image quality and reducing X-ray exposure. For pediatric panoramic X-rays, the machine uses a shorter exposure time and reduced exposure field lowering X-ray exposure to children even further. For adults, any combination of 1 to 5 panoramic image sections can be selected reducing patient exposure as only the region of interest needs to be exposed.

Patient comfort and confidence is vital in capturing optimal quality throughout the panoramic X-ray scan. Side entry access with face-to-face orientation allows clinical staff to easily guide patients throughout the positioning and capture process. The Cranex-D features an intricate network of mechanics and software to greatly enhance the collection of a variety of imaging profiles directly to a computer. Images gathered reflect amazing clarity, sharpness and depth.

Our panoramic X-rays can be easily transferred to other dental offices thereby avoiding the need to re-take x-rays.