Digital Dental Charting

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At Bristol Dental Clinic, we are focused on serving our patients with the most advanced technologies and techniques in dentistry. Complementing our focus, we use digital charting for our patients. All clinical notes and observations are noted on a computerized charting software developed by Bridge Network (Tracker).

Dental charting is a graphical tool for organizing all the pertinent information about patients’ gums and teeth in 2-D or 3-D format. An electronic dental chart is prepared with a motive to keep a permanent record of patient’s dental care including dental history, abnormalities of tooth, periodontal examination, gum pocket depths, radiographic findings, precautions, proposed future treatment plans, home care instructions etc.

Creating and preparing this easy-to-read dental chart is beneficial. It is an excellent way of organizing and updating all important information about patients’ dental health. This graphical or pictorial chart gives instant information about the current status of the patient’s dental health to our dentist when accessing patient records. The digital health record of the patient incorporates digital x-rays, intraoral stills, scanned images etc.