Infected Root Canal: Top 5 Symptoms You Need To Know About

Infected Root Canal
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An infected root canal gives you pain and discomfort due to a decayed tooth that incurs infection. By defining root canal, it directs you to the inner tooth located between the pulp and the tooth root. Another definition pertains to the removal of the infected part which eradicates the pain in the process. Some dentists suggest using laser dentistry, in Mississauga, to treat infections in root canals.

Your root canals uses its blood vessels to distribute nutrients to your teeth and nearby nerves. These teeth and nerves face different factors such as hot and cold temperature as well as pressure that affect the root canalas. Eradicating the damaged nerve relieves you from further tooth decay and infection.

What brings about an infected root canal?

A tooth gets infected for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons why an infected root canal happens, bacteria finds its way to the pulp. The other reasons for an infection in the root canal are as follows.

  • Tooth decay that cultivates more bacteria that damages the tooth and pulp.
  • Cracked tooth which paves the way for bacteria to go inside the tooth.
  • Dental avulsion
  • Injuries or trauma from physical and recreational activities
  • Repetitive dental procedures on same tooth


Symptoms you need to know about

Some dentists use laser dentistry in Mississauga to prevent any more damage caused by an infection in the root canal. However, treatment begins when they examined and carefully diagnosed the situation of the infected tooth.

For patients, here are the symptoms you need to know and watch out for.

Severe tooth pain

Patients endure severe tooth pain even in their sleep. What happens when you experience this is that the pulp dying or an abscess began forming at the tip of the affected tooth. This kind of tooth pain keeps you from doing your tasks or even from sleeping at night.

The pain may even spread to your ears, temples, or near the jaws. Some patients feel the pain when they touch the tooth or press it with their tongues when they consume food.

Tooth sensitivity

Patients experience heightened sensitivity to hold and cold beverages or food. Normally, patients endure sensitivity but it fades away once you remove stimulus. When your tooth gets infected, the pain due to sensitivity or the tingling sensation lingers on for a while.

Darkened tooth

When your tooth with an infected root canal appears darker than the rest of the teeth, this signifies death in the tooth. If not properly attended to, the dead tooth may infect the other healthy teeth.

Swelling in the gums

Some notice a remarkable swelling in the gum area. Other dentists say that the swelling may result to a pimple or pus. Pus causes a distortion in your taste buds or halitosis.

Is laser dentistry beneficial to an infected root canal?

Laser dentistry in Mississauga thoroughly cleans out root canals among patients. It uses parallel beams of intense light that melts the thick debris of bacteria and infection in the tooth. Some dentists prefer using this method due to its thorough cleaning capabilities. This requires a little amount of time for dentists to conduct this procedure.

One of the most identified benefits of laser dentistry, it reduces the adverse effects from a root canal procedure. When dentists perform this procedure, the patient’s bleeding reduces during the whole process and a little to no anesthesia is needed. Laser procedure diminishes the swelling, discomfort, and elimination felt by the patient after the procedure especially when the sedative wears off. Patients won’t be needing any pain medication after the procedure.

When you see a darkened tooth, always keep in mind to consult your dentist immediately as this may signify a dead or root canal. Saving your tooth comes easy when your dentist proceeds with root canal therapy to save the tooth.

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