Family Dentistry: 5 Ways To Prepare Your Child For A Dental Visit

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Taking your child to his dentist for the first time is a huge deal. To an adult who had earlier exposure to oral care at an early age, he sees it as a routine part of life. However, in the eyes of a child who has never met one, a dentist is someone who’s strange and terrifying. After all, having a stranger to probe around your mouth doesn’t give you a comfortable feeling. As a parent, it’s best to choose a family dentistry clinic that’ll make your child feel at home. Help your child and prepare him well for his first visit with these few tips.

5 ways to prepare your child for his first dental visit

Remain positive

You need to promote a positive attitude about oral hygiene to help prepare your child for his first trip to the dentist. You may want to explain to your child the importance of keeping his teeth and gums healthy. If it’s possible, try scheduling morning appointments with the family dental center so that your child is alert and fresh.

Use encouraging words

It’s highly advisable that you use positive and encouraging words to help your child feel at ease. If one of you has dentophobia, it’s best not to relay those fears to the child. Children tend to quickly pick up their parents’ anxieties which tends to make themselves feel anxious, too.

On the contrary, assure him that going to the family dentistry clinic is one of the bravest things he would do. Use positive emotions when you tell stories about the dentists and their staff. Educate him that all members of the family will visit the clinic together so he will not feel alone. You may want to build his excitement as you tell him more of the painless dental procedures.

Explain to your child the importance of keeping his teeth and gums healthy.

Expose them to family dentistry

One of the best ways to let them learn more about it is by reading them books about brushing teeth. You may also allow them to watch their favorite TV shows where the characters went to the dentist. Also, check the clinic’s website and let your child see the pictures of the dentists in the family dental center. This way, your child will already be familiar with their names and faces. You can use online videos and show him that other children also go to the dental clinic for a check-up. Explain to him what’s going on and how friendly the dental staff is. If you’d like to have a tour of the office before your visit, you may call the family dental clinic and request for it.

Tell your dentist more about your child

You need to provide the dentist in Mississauga Ontario with your child’s entire medical history at the first visit. Also, you may want to tell the dentist if your child has any fearful traits. This helps the dentist develop strategies and interventions to prevent problems that may arise during the treatment.

Most parents have an idea of their child’s potential responses to specific situations. As a parent, you also need to gauge your child’s reactions and share it to his dentist.

Make your child feel secure

There are specific behavioral traits often linked to your child’s age. Most toddlers often feel secure and attached to their parents or their favorite stuff. They cope with their anxiety by staying closing to their moms or by hugging their favorite toy. As you enter the dental clinic, hold your child tightly as you introduce him to family dentistry. Allow him to bring his favorite toy with him for extra support. Make him feel comfortable inside the clinic first before he goes through any dental exam or sits on the dentist’s chair.

Find a family dental center that has your child’s welfare at the top of their priority. It’s best to speak with the dentist about your child as well as his dental needs.


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