How To Protect Long Lasting Porcelain Fillings?

Porcelain Fillings
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Long lasting porcelain fillings provide comfort to patients after enduring cavities or tooth decay. Dentists use porcelain fillings to repair and freshen up teeth affected by bruxism, nail biting, and fractures. Porcelain fillings replace metal fillings and comes in a variety. Bristol Dental Clinic gives patients options where they choose from such as: white, gum color, and tooth color.

Advantages of porcelain fillings

One of the most common benefits of porcelain fillings — virtually invisible to the naked eye. Other than that, here are the other benefits patients get from porcelain fillings.

  • Material used for long lasting porcelain fillings looks very much like the patient’s natural teeth.
  • Strengthens the tooth and maintains its structure.
  • This type of fillings prevent teeth stains.
  • Dentists find this type to prevent bacteria buildup as they bond the material to the teeth.

Bristol Dental Clinic shares that aside from these benefits, patients need to protect and care for their fillings. It lengthens and maximizes the durability of the fillings.

Disadvantages of porcelain fillings

There are some disadvantages that patients experience when they use porcelain fillings. Some of those include:

  • Tooth sensitivity heightens after the patient endured the procedure. Patients may need to avoid too hot and too cold food and drinks
  • Some patients experience allergic reactions to the materials used for the bonding.


Protecting long lasting porcelain fillings

Protecting the porcelain fillings involve a dental routine that incorporates brushing and flossing daily. This ensures that no food lodges in between the teeth and in the gum area. Caring for long lasting porcelain fillings involve frequent dental appointments with a dentist. Remember to undergo cleaning semi-annually as it maintains the health of the teeth.

When patients feel sharp edges or pain, it’s best for patients to consult their dentist at once. Then, the dentists take an X-ray that shows the health of the teeth. The dentist from Bristol Dental Clinic then assesses the situation and check the best solution.

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