What Does an Orthodontist Do?

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Orthodontia or more commonly known as orthodontics is a field in dentistry that calls for a study of malpositioned teeth. These specialty dentists are known as orthodontists. A professional orthodontist in Mississauga who is duly equipped with education and experience is ready to accept new patients at the Mississauga dental office of Bristol dental care.


The difference between a dentist and an orthodontist in Mississauga is their field of specialization. An orthodontist’s main priority is straightening malpositioned teeth. If a patient’s teeth alignment is not right, they may be referred to an orthodontist in a Mississauga dental office.


Teeth and jaw misalignment may be associated with a speech defect, difficulty in chewing and in maintaining good oral hygiene. Orthodontists are the ones responsible for the diagnosis of:


  1. Overbites and Underbites – These are examples of anteroposterior deviations. This can cause problems in articulating and chewing.
  2. Overcrowding – This happens when there is a lack in jawbone stimulation and the adult teeth cannot erupt in alignment with the existing ones.
  3. Aesthetic Purposes –     If the face is negatively impacted by malocclusions, the orthodontist can reconstruct the jaw, lips, and teeth for cosmetic purposes.


The dental procedures done by an orthodontist are:


  1. Dental braces – These are the most popular solution is correcting misaligned teeth. Braces are made of metal, ceramics or clear materials. These are brackets affixed to each tooth. The structure of the braced will pull the teeth into an upright alignment that straightens the teeth over time.
  2. Headgears and face masks – These are commonly used for overbite or underbite which are considered as developmental problems. The headgear or face mask is attached to the braces. The structure aligns the teeth and jaw.
  3. Retainers – These are used after braces or a headgear has been removed. Retainers are removable and patients are instructed to wear it until the underlying bone is corrected.


An appointment with an orthodontist in Mississauga is just like booking a regular dental appointment. If the patient’s dentist is not an orthodontist, they may be referred one at a Mississauga dental office.


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