How To Take Care Of Removable Invisible Aligners?

Invisible Aligners
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Removable invisible aligners give comfort to patients who want to straighten their teeth. Dentists give patients the choice to choose between Invisalign and MTM Clear Aligners. Both are different from each other. However, these two function similarly with each other.

A dentist in Mississauga shares why most prefer invisible aligners. These invisible aligners do not use metal and brackets which most see when they use traditional braces. It appears to be virtually invisible and gives no pain or even mouth sores when you use it.


Removable invisible aligners come in two types, Invisalign and MTM Clear Aligners. These two work similarly as they correct misaligned bites among patients, teeth gaps, tipping teeth, and even protruding teeth. Dentists also say that these invisible aligners fix more complex dental problems such as malocclusion, overbites, and underbites.


Most patients like how invisible aligners correct their dental problems. It doesn’t cause them pain, mouth sores, or even get conscious about using braces since it’s virtually invisible to other people. A dentist in Mississauga recounts that using invisible aligners gives a speedy treatment to patients since the whole duration just takes at least a year and a half (1.5) to correct misalignment. However, it requires more depending on the complexity of the problem.

Here are the other benefits you get when you use invisible aligners.


Following your dental routine includes brushing and flossing, using invisible aligners make it easier than traditional braces. Removable invisible aligners let you brush and floss freely without worrying about the bristles getting stuck in between your teeth. Aside from that, you need not worry about eating chewy foods since you can remove it while eating and just put it back after.

Prevent nail-biting

As some develop ill habits such as nail-biting, invisible aligners curb this ill habit as it wraps around your teeth. A dentist in Mississauga adds that these aligners prevent nail-biting since you cannot wear it while biting. Patients tend to drop this habit and eventually helps them quit it.

Caring for your removable invisible aligners

Patients take care of their invisible aligners so they finish their treatment in time. Also, it helps their invisible aligners prolong its life.

Here are some tips that you can follow in caring for your invisible aligners.

Rinse after use

After using them, it’s best to rinse it using cold water. This eradicates dried-out saliva that accumulated in the aligners while you were using them. If left unwashed, the dried saliva causes bacteria buildup which lead to infection or disease when you wear the aligners again.

Never use hot water since it damages the shape of your aligners. It distorts how your aligners are especially if you put it in the dishwasher.

Follow your dental routine

Every time you eat, remember to brush and floss afterwards before wearing the invisible aligners again. This prevents tiny bits of food particles to lodge in between your teeth and your invisible aligners. When you neglect following your dental routine, this risks your dental health as lodged in food particles may develop into cavities or dental diseases. Always remember to brush and floss every after meals.

Use antibacterial cleaning agent

In cleaning your aligners, dentists strongly recommend that you use an antibacterial soap. This gently cleans the aligners without causing any damage. Moreover, it prevents bacteria from cultivating in your aligners. Others think of using toothpaste however, that harms the aligners and scratch it. These scratches often show when you wear the aligners.

Taking care of your invisible aligners require using gentle and antibacterial cleaning agents to prevent bacteria buildup. In case some of the tips confuse you, remember to always consult your dentist.

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