Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery: How Patients Do It?

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Wisdom teeth pertain to the third set of molars that usually come out during late teen years to mid-20s. Dentists need to take an X-ray of the patient’s mouth to check if the wisdom teeth have erupted well. However, there are molars that erupt in the wrong direction against the rest of the teeth; hence, the dentist recommends removal. Wisdom teeth removal recovery takes a few days before the patient could get back to his daily routine. Patients need to follow the order of their dentists to take prescribed medication and to have a good rest.


Reasons for wisdom teeth extraction

The Mississauga dental office recommends wisdom teeth extraction to their patients when certain conditions stated below are met:

Impacted wisdom tooth

The wisdom tooth grew in another direction, leaning to hit the neighboring tooth. This could cause trouble for the other sets of molars.


This occurs when bacteria and germs get trapped between the space of a partially-emerged wisdom tooth and gums. This can cause wisdom teeth removal, recovery takes a day up to a week.

Jaw damage

When wisdom teeth have not erupted properly, cysts form around which hollow out and damage your jaw and nerves. Extraction in Mississauga dental office prevents cysts and jaw damage.

Irritated gums

When the teeth grew differently and improperly, the nearby tissue gets irritated, making it difficult to clean. Moreover, inflamed gums make it hard for the patient to eat and chew food.


Wisdom teeth removal recovery: how do you do it?

The road to wisdom teeth removal recovery could vary depending on how the patient strictly follows these tips after the extraction.

  • Refrain from eating hard to digest food, drinking alcoholic beverages, and smoking.
  • Go on a soft food diet such as yogurt, ice cream, and soup.
  • Ask your dentist before engaging into sports or vigorous physical activities again.

Discuss with your dentist at the Mississauga dental office to help you decide whether to keep your wisdom teeth or have them removed.

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