Affordable Dentures In Mississauga Will Make You Smile

Affordable Dentures In Mississauga Will Make You Smile
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A lot of people have started smiling again because they regained their self-confidence with the help of affordable dentures in Mississauga.

What are dentures?

Dentures replace lost tooth due to dental problems such as decay, disease, or injury. Here are some of the different types of dentures as shared by Dr. Annie Thomas


Different Types of Dentures


Full  Dentures

Full or complete dentures replace the whole set of teeth. Most patients choose this type of denture when most of their teeth have already been removed. Complete dentures are classified into two kinds, conventional and immediate.


This type is made only when the teeth have been removed. This gives the gums ample time to heal which takes eight (8) to 12 weeks after extraction.


Dentists would have already made an impression of your teeth and possibly created the affordable dentures in Mississauga, prior to the day of your teeth extraction. As soon as the teeth have been extracted, the dentures are immediately placed but will need adjustments and relining through time. This is because the gums swelling would have reduced through time, which means that the dentures would also have shifted in fit. Immediate dentures present a temporary solution.

Partial Dentures

Needless to say, partial dentures are used when only a tooth or two are missing. Dentists recommend this when the teeth close to the lost tooth aren’t strong enough to support a bridge. This makes use of at least one artificial tooth held by clasps to secure its place.

Dr. Annie Thomas recommends that the dentures should be regularly cleaned to ensure that it is free from bacteria and dirt. Ensure to remove the dentures so it can be thoroughly cleaned.

Flexible Dentures

Flexible affordable dentures in Mississauga has a soft base of transparent material that attaches to your gums. These do not require adhesives or metal clasps. Breakages bear no thread even if you drop it since they are shatterproof.

Where to get affordable dentures in Mississauga?

Dr. Annie Thomas, of Bristol dental clinic, takes care of patients’ queries especially about getting dentures.

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  • Posted on 21-10-2022 by Mohamad dakkak

    Do you take patients under ODSP?

  • Posted on 31-03-2023 by Rick Patterson

    I am ill and on disability. When I took ill a couple years ago the older fillings began falling out. I’m down to just a few teeth on my top and I am going to need teeth. Thankfully I haven’t had any real toothaches just pain in my jaw. I was wondering if you could help with with top dentures for now and if there is a payment plan available. I get paid very little on disability. The bottom needs work but not as bad. Thank you.

  • Posted on 16-06-2023 by James nagel

    I have about 15 teeth most badly damaged I don’t want to wait to get dentures 10 weeks after extraction

  • Posted on 19-12-2023 by Nicolae

    What is the price for a full denture? Just like the average price? Thanks