How Cleaning Your Tongue Will Improve Your Oral Hygiene

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Simple changes to your oral hygiene will improve your dental health. One such change you can make is to add tongue cleaning to your daily routine. For maximum benefits, ask your dentist to show your the proper cleaning technique in an oral hygiene Mississauga checkup.


Benefits of Cleaning Your Tongue

Just brushing your teeth may not rid your mouth of many of the toxins that contribute to plaque, tooth decay, and gum disease. However, cleaning the surface of your tongue removes all the food debris, yeast cells, and bacteria.

Many people like how their tongue changes after a cleaning, especially since it improves their sense of taste. They can also feel more confident knowing that their breath smells good — much of the time, bad breath is due to food, fungi, and dead cells on the back of your tongue. The front of your tongue may look healthy, but if you stick it out further, you will notice this buildup.

Cleaning your tongue has health benefits that extend beyond your mouth. Less bacteria in your body means better immunity. Plus, you promote saliva production every time you scrape, improving your digestion.


Using a Tongue Scraper

The best way to clean your tongue is to use a specially-designed tongue scraper. These come in stainless steel and plastic — both are equally good; which you choose comes down to personal preference. Stainless steel has the benefit of being easier to clean, whereas plastic is disposable.

To use the tongue scraper, open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue. Holding both ends, pass the scraper from the far back part of your tongue to the front. At first, this may activate your gag reflex, but you will soon learn to overcome it. Scrapings may be yellow initially but will become clearer in colour over time.

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