Uncovering The Truth Behind 8 Common Myths About Dental Braces

8 Common Myths About Dental Braces
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Orthodontics has come a long way in the past couple of years.  The same holds true today, especially with the introduction of a new kind of dental braces. Unfortunately, most still hold several misconceptions about these modern braces. Although these myths remain unfounded, further discussion may help you better understand them. So, to help you sort out all the dental facts from fiction, we will dive into each myth about invisible braces.

Common misconceptions about dental braces

Misconception #1: It’s expensive

The expensive braces cost is one of the most common misconceptions about orthodontics. Although it may be true to some, every case is different and may need various levels of care. Which is why prices may vary. Also, several clinics offer complimentary consultations and flexible payment options to their patients. However, you need to be smart when choosing a treatment. Bear in mind that choosing the least expensive one may cost you more in the future.

Misconception #2: It takes years to see the results

Not all dental cases are the same. Dental braces treatment generally takes at least 18 months to see the results. But there are some dental cases which take even shorter periods to see visible results. Minor teeth crowding and misalignment are only a few of these cases.

Misconception #3: It looks uncomfortable and unsightly

They know how sensitive a patient’s mouth is. They also understand how uncomfortable it may feel to have brackets on their teeth. That’s why the dental industry upgrades the basic concept behind clear dental braces. Invisible braces are now available to provide the right orthondontics equipment to everyone. There are also various designs from lingual braces to tooth-colored fixed braces.

Various designs from lingual braces to tooth-colored fixed braces.

Misconception #4: Your teeth will stay properly aligned for eternity

Unfortunately, your teeth will still have chances of getting misaligned. There’s a chance that your teeth will revert to its pre-treatment position once your dentist removes your braces. That’s why it’s essential for you to wear retainers after the removal of your braces.

Misconception #5: You can finally skip on your dental appointments

The truth is your orthodontist won’t be able to track your progress if you skip your appointments. Although he’ll address any concerns with your dental braces, your cooperation remains needed. It’s best to visit your Ontario dentist for him to track your oral health.

Misconception #6: Orthodontic treatment doesn’t have any health benefits

There’s so much that an orthodontic treatment offers than you know. Not only does it help improve your appearance, yet it also brings back your oral function, too. Your smile reflects your oral health. That’s why it’s essential to manage it including your teeth alignment. A well-aligned set of teeth reduce the risk of food getting stuck between each tooth. Thus, helping you minimize plaque buildup.

Misconception #7: Orthodontists only have metal braces as an option

Orthodontists underwent extra training to understand teeth movement. That’s why they provide their patients with the best orthodontic treatment and care. Also, they have different options available to their patients. However, it will still depend on the severity of their dental condition. They’ll recommend the best dental appliance to help you get the best outcome.

Misconception #8: Orthodontic treatment is only for children

Patients of all ages may enjoy any form of orthodontic treatment. No matter what their age is, there’s always a treatment that’ll work best for them. Since adults have complicated dental cases, it’s a must for them to have an experienced orthodontist to perform the procedure.

These are only a few of the things that you may want to find out about invisible braces. Feel free to contact your dentist to ask for any other option that’ll help you align your crooked teeth.

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