Root Canal Therapy for Damaged Teeth Restoration

Root Canal Therapy for Damaged Teeth Restoration
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Nothing can compensate when a natural tooth is lost. One of the major causes of tooth loss is tooth decay due to poor oral care habits. A decayed tooth can lead to inflammation and infection in the tooth’s pulp, which causes a severe toothache. A dentist performs root canal therapy for damaged teeth restoration and for the patient’s complete relief from tooth pain. 


The anatomy of the tooth and root canal therapy

There are three parts of a tooth: the enamel or the outer layer, the dentin or the inner layer, and the pulp where the nerves and blood vessels are. When the tooth’s x-ray reveals that the pulp is infected or inflamed, it needs to be removed and be cleaned off. The process of removing and cleaning the tooth’s pulp is called root canal therapy. A Mississauga dentist uses root canal therapy to help the patient keep his natural teeth.


Here’s how a root canal therapy is performed for damaged teeth restoration:

  1. The dentist numbs the area around the patient’s tooth, and then keeps it clean and dry.
  2. The crown and the pulp is opened to inject a fluid that kills harmful bacteria and clear out debris.
  3. The Mississauga dentist removes the pulp for cleaning and shaping, then fills and seals the root canal using a cement.
  4. A temporary crown or filling is then placed on top of the tooth while a permanent crown is made.
  5. Root canal therapy is completed after the permanent crown is put in place.


A dentist aims to save a patient’s natural teeth without the need for extraction through root canal therapy. It’s a common procedure for damaged teeth restoration and it’s proven to keep the teeth last a lifetime with proper care. Your Mississauga dentist can check if you need a root canal treatment.

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