9 Top Benefits of Root Canals

9 Top Benefits of Root Canals
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We often find our patients are less than enthusiastic when we tell them they need a root canal. Unfortunately, it seems root canals have gotten a bum rap over the years. People often associate them with pain, when in fact they are the solution that stops the pain.

Root canals are recommended when you are experiencing pain caused by an inflamed and infected pulp. The pulp is located at the very centre of your tooth and is highly sensitive.

When decay gets deep enough it can lead to infection. The only solution is for us to remove the pulp and disinfect the tooth so we can cap it off and save you from requiring a tooth extraction.

Here we will take a look at the nine top benefits of root canals and why a root canal is the best possible solution for deep infections and severely damaged teeth.

1. Root canals stop infection

As mentioned above, when we recommend a root canal it is usually because you are experiencing an infection or there’s a risk of infection due to severe tooth decay. When tooth decay begins, it only affects the hard outer layer of your tooth called the enamel. But when it is allowed to progress, it penetrates deeper until it finally reaches the tender, soft centre of your tooth called the pulp. If infection sets in, a root canal is the only way to treat it.

Although it sounds a little intense, it is not that much different than a filling; the main difference is that the pulp has to be removed. We keep you perfectly comfortable, remove the pulp and any signs of decay and then fill in the space. In most cases, you’ll require a crown for added protection for your tooth.

2. Root canals stop the pain

Your infected tooth throbs and is painful because the pulp is infected. This soft part of your tooth is connected to highly sensitive blood vessels and nerves. Not only does this put you at risk for the infection to spread, but it also is the cause of your pain. While you might think it is the procedure that hurts, it is quite the opposite. Root canals are the only way to stop the pain by removing the infection.

3. Preserve your natural tooth

In the past, an infected tooth had to be pulled. However, with the introduction of root canals, we can now save your natural tooth. This is important because even a single lost tooth can lead to all kinds of issues, including shifting teeth. Because of the gap, neighbouring teeth lose their support and start leaning into the space. This can lead to all kinds of risks, so keeping your natural tooth is a very important benefit of root canal treatment.

4. Root canals help avoid the spread of infection

The root canal is required to stop the infection in the pulp from spreading. If the infection spreads it can lead to serious issues. Once we remove the infected pulp, we treat the tooth with an antimicrobial solution to stop the growth of bacteria. The final seal prevents further decay, and this stops the infection from spreading.

If you think the spread of the infection can’t be so serious, think again. The infection can not only spread to your jawbone but can also reach the brain a lot quicker than you might think. You can also experience major health issues if the infection spreads.

5. Root canals contribute to jawbone health

The root canal protects the jawbone from infection and also stops gums and tissue from shrinking. When you lose a tooth it leads to all kinds of jaw trouble because the bone needs the tooth roots to stimulate healthy bone growth. Each tooth lost removes the vital tooth root which in turn reduces that vital stimulation. When we preserve your tooth by performing a root canal you won’t have to worry about jawbone issues.

6. Root canals reduce tooth sensitivity

Sometimes root canal treatment is recommended to assist with severe tooth sensitivity. In this case, your tooth sensitivity is interfering with your quality of life. You might live in fear of eating or drinking expecting that horrible shock of pain. You might even experience the pain when you aren’t doing anything at all.

If we try other solutions without success, root canal treatment might be your only option. Because root canals remove the sensitive root, it is a good way to stop the pain of severe tooth sensitivity.

7. Root canals maintain your natural smile

Let’s not forget your smile. Depending on where your tooth is located, you might find that without root canal treatment your smile suffers. This is because infected teeth can turn yellow, brown or even black because of the bacteria in your pulp. You can’t remove this discolouration through whitening treatment as it is not a superficial stain but instead, a permanent discolouration.

The crown inserted following your root canal provides protection for your tooth while also preserving its original, white appearance. You’ll have the natural look and function of your tooth, so your smile remains perfect. You also won’t have a gap in your smile because the tooth had to be extracted!

8. Root canals are better than tooth extraction

It’s always your best option to save your natural teeth. As mentioned above, your natural teeth are important for both bone health and aesthetics. You never want to lose a tooth as it leads to so many issues from a lack of self-esteem and confidence to shifting teeth and jawbone shrinkage. A root canal can save your tooth and preserve your well-being.

9. Cost-effective solution

People often fear root canals are extremely expensive. However, when you consider it will save your tooth it is worth the investment. Remember, extractions aren’t free and are actually more expensive in the long run. Once you see the disruption a missing tooth causes to your dental health, you’ll be searching for some kind of tooth replacement and these aren’t cheap.

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So all in all, your root canal is the best solution. If you have dental benefits, at least a certain percentage of the cost is most likely covered.

If you would like more information about root canal treatment in Mississauga, call Bristol Dental at 905-712-3409 or contact us here.

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