5 Easy As Pie Steps Before Having Your Fantastic Veneers

Fantastic Veneers
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Did your friend blow your mind away with her new set of stunning teeth? You didn’t quite understand how veneers did exactly that — perfect teeth in just weeks. Sometimes, we’re easily impressed with the outcome since we don’t really know how a simple magic trick works. However, there’s no need to wonder about that anymore.

If you’re really curious how to have white teeth veneers, this article is for you! This will enlighten you about how effortless it is to achieve that gorgeous smile. Bet you would even decide to have one after this discovery.

What entails the creation of veneers?

Porcelain dental veneers also called as teeth laminates are thin covers for the teeth surface. These hide the imperfections on your teeth such as stains, chips, and gaps. It also further protects your smile from blemishes and breaks since the material is durable and non-porous.

Usually, the process of having your tooth shells requires at least two visits to your dentist. Here are the steps you should expect during your dental appointments.

1.Taking your teeth impression.

After you’ve discussed with your dentist of your smile goals, the first thing to do is have your teeth impression. In the same way as other dental restorative treatments, impressions are done not just once. The dentist would need it before, during and even after the installation. This process ensures precision, giving you a perfect fit and an improved appearance.

Taking teeth impressions are now digital, so don’t worry about gagging with the alginate teeth mold. Yes, that’s the term for the gooey materials used in traditional dental impressions. If you’ve had trauma because of this, forget about that right now.

Digital impressions are done in just a minute of scanning your teeth and then the data registers in the computer. The dentist creates a stone replica out of that result and sends the mold to the dental lab. That’s where and when they create your temporary veneers.

2.Picking your teeth shade.

One essential step in the creation of your front teeth veneers is choosing its color. It should depend on your original teeth shade and your skin tone to sustain a natural appearance. Of course, while achieving that head-turning effect. The dentist would ask for your preference and match it with his recommendation to achieve a balanced outcome.

Sometimes, you might feel that you need a brighter shade but your dentist may suggest otherwise. You have to consider his advice because perfect white teeth might not match your overall looks.

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3.Preparing your teeth.

The prep work involves a bit of polishing your teeth enamel. Just a half millimeter off your tooth surface and it’s enough to create a room for your porcelain dental veneers. Your dentist will use a dental handpiece for the filing, however, it’s painless and pretty speedy. You won’t even need anesthesia during this process. Especially if you’ve had a root canal or won’t really need any preparation or “prepless” as they call it.

When the teeth are ready, your dentist will take another impression of your teeth. He sends the results again to the dental lab to fabricate your final teeth laminates.

4.Temporary veneers.

By this time, your dentist installs your temporary veneers. These are made of acrylic materials and is applied with a temporary cement. These short-term shells will protect your teeth for the meantime since the final ones are still being made. However, since it’s temporary it could be fragile and may fall off. You must take extra precautions with your teeth while you still have the temporary cover.

Try as much as possible to avoid these activities:

  • Chewing or munching on crispy or hard foods.
  • Suddenly biting down when you’re not sure if the food is boneless or hard.
  • Taking gums and other sticky foods such as chewable candies.
  • Using your teeth to open or tear packages.
  • Chewing on your pen or biting off your nails.
  • Drinking wine, tea or coffee often that might cause stains on your temporary laminates.

5.New smile.

After a week, you may now have your new porcelain dental veneers. When you return to your dentist, he will remove the acting shells and polish off the remaining cement.

Although your tooth has been polished, the dentist may need to take off more from the surface. He will also use an acid etch solution on the tooth after contouring. This should create a rough finish to allow the adhesive a steady and permanent hold on the tooth. Since the tooth will be more exposed to sensitivity because of the invasion, you might need an anesthetic this time.

Finally, your dentist applies your dental veneers with a permanent cement. He will let you check the outcome to ensure your satisfaction. You will also have to gently bite down your teeth with the new shells to see if there’s any problem.  

Dental veneers cost is worth its price. Most patients really find the makeover a work of magic. Have your dental veneers in Mississauga to attain that youthful smile!

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