Dental Veneers Over Snap-On Smiles: Natural Over Artificial

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One of the most recommended dental treatments that give instant perfect teeth are dental veneers. It’s the newest method in dentistry that answers dental cosmetic issues including teeth discoloration and breakage. Although this dental appliance is being compared to the other dental restorations, it continually proves its advantage.

If you compare teeth whitening to porcelain dental veneers, some patients claim that the latter is better. Bleaching could only hide teeth stains but teeth shells cover stains, chips, and cracks altogether. Another dental treatment that’s taking its popularity when it comes to cosmetic solutions are Snap-On Smiles. Nevertheless, dental laminates are still far more beneficial than this new dental technology.

Dental veneers

Before deciding, it’s always best to check out all your options and avoid regrets. If you’re not too sure, here are the qualities of veneers.

  • Thin

Tooth laminates are thin shells for your teeth that easily cover dental issues such as discoloration and small teeth. Since they’re custom-made dental appliances, they could make your teeth look ideal with its size and brightness. It’s pretty thin that anyone would barely notice that it’s artificial. Thus, giving you a natural yet ideal set of teeth.

  • Imitates natural teeth sheen

Porcelain dental veneers are a special and quality type of materials that could visually imitate a natural teeth color. That is because there is plenty of teeth shade selection to choose from that closely matches your teeth shade.

  • Bonds tightly

Using a standard dental adhesive, dentists would carefully bond each porcelain shell on the tooth. This ensures that whatever food you intake, your new teeth stay intact and functioning.

  • Fits suitably


Customized teeth laminates are accurately fabricated to perfectly fit on your teeth and gums based on your 3D teeth impression. 3D technology is also one of the reasons why patients become excited with veneers because of the smile preview. They’ll be able to see the expected outcome of the treatment which, to most patients’ claims, are always met.

  • Preserves most of the teeth structure


Unlike dental crowns, dentists only need to remove a tiny portion of the enamel to attach teeth shells. This achieves dentistry’s goal to preserve, if not all, most of your teeth structure.

Snap-on Smiles

Snap-on Smiles, on the other hand, are thick enough to cover your upper teeth set fully. Its structure is similar to Invisalign only that it takes the form of your teeth appearance. Although that’s a great invention, it looks fake due to the lack of a realistic approach. It lacks the impression of normal teeth gaps, craze lines, and shine giving away its cover. However, compared to porcelain dental veneers, this doesn’t reduce anything from your real teeth. You may say that full dental preservation is achieved.

The cosmetic veneers cost is dependent on where you had your treatment. That goes the same with Snap-On Smiles. What is important though is you choose a dentist whom you can trust your smile with. Just like having dental veneers in Mississauga, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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