Everything You Need to Know About Gum Contouring

Everything You Need to Know About Gum Contouring
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Healthy gums are key to overall dental health. However, the appearance of your gums can affect your smile, so this is important too. Many people have issues with their gums either being too high or too low which can make your teeth look long or short. In some cases, disproportionate gum growth can even make straight teeth appear crooked.

If this sounds like your smile, you could benefit from gum contouring. This relatively simple surgical procedure can help improve some common complaints including a gummy smile or toothy grin. Here we explain everything you need to know about gum contouring and the issues it can correct.

What is gum contouring?

Your gums act as a “frame” for your teeth when you think of them from an aesthetic point of view. As such, when they aren’t smooth or are too prominent, they can detract from the attractiveness of your smile.

Gum contouring provides a way to shape your gums to improve the appearance of your teeth by providing a consistent look and reducing the impact your gums might have when you smile. Tissue is removed using a laser or scalpel, providing the ideal smile you’ve always wanted.

What if I don’t get gum contouring surgery?

From a dental health standpoint, gum contouring is not a necessity. It is considered more of a cosmetic procedure designed to perfect the appearance of your smile. However, while it won’t impact your oral health, it can have a very positive effect on your overall sense of well-being, increasing your confidence and helping you feel more positive about your appearance.

That said, there are some cases where gum contouring is recommended for gum health as part of periodontal procedures regarding issues such as pocket reduction or crown lengthening.

What causes uneven gums?

There are several factors that can contribute to the appearance of your gums. For example, in the case of your gums covering too much of your teeth, it could be related to some medications but also simply a result of genetics.

If someone in your family has the same appearance to their gums, this is likely genetic. If your gums create a toothy smile because the gums are higher, this is probably also a feature you inherited. If your gums are receding, you might have contributed to the trouble by brushing too aggressively.

Other lifestyle choices such as smoking, body piercings and poor oral dental regimes can also contribute to receding gums. If you suffer from ongoing oral infections, it could be that your excess gums are hosting bacteria, in which case once the infection is cleared up, gum contouring might be recommended.

What happens during the gum contouring procedure?

Technology has greatly improved the gum contouring process. Laser technology provides the ideal tool to remove unwanted tissue and reshape your gums for the perfect appearance. Unlike scalpels, lasers cause little bleeding and also heal your gums while the work is being performed.

This reduction of bleeding and quick healing makes it easier to undergo the process and you’ll also see much more pleasing results. This is due to the precision of the lasers which make the shaping more targeted.

It takes just one appointment to undergo gum contouring. You can expect to experience some mild swelling but thanks to the healing effect of the laser, your recovery should be quite fast. While the results are apparent immediately, once the swelling is completely gone, your new smile will look even better.

Who can get gum contouring?

People with uneven gums, toothy grins or gummy smiles are ideal candidates for gum contouring. In other words, if you feel your gums are too long or too short, this is the ideal treatment for you. These conditions make it easy to reshape the gum line using the laser. It will allow us to either enhance the length of your teeth or create the perfect frame with your gums if your gum line is uneven.

However, if you have any underlying dental issues or periodontal disease, these issues must be corrected before we can schedule your surgery.

Can gums grow back?

No, once the tissue is removed, the end results are permanent.

How can I arrange to have gum contouring?

It all starts with a consultation with our team. We will assess your smile and gums and make recommendations for improvements.

Is gum contouring covered by dental insurance?

It all depends on the type of dental coverage you have. In most cases, if your gum contouring process is strictly cosmetic, the treatment won’t be covered. However, you can discuss your needs with our front desk and they can show you what financing is available.

As you can see, gum contouring is a wonderful solution for many smile issues.

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