Oral Surgery in Mississauga: When Do You Need It

Oral Surgery in Mississauga: When Do You Need It
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Oral surgery requires more than one visit to a dental clinic. For patients who are busy during the weekdays, it is important to find a dentist open on weekends. A different consultation is necessary if you need to undergo an oral surgery. The dentist takes an x-ray of the whole mouth to thoroughly check your teeth in order to make a proper diagnosis. If your family dentist is not an oral surgeon, you will be referred to one.


When do you need to undergo oral surgery in Mississauga?

  • You have an impacted tooth.

This usually happens with a wisdom tooth or the third molar which is the last set of teeth to develop. The wisdom tooth is impacted when it erupts with no proper alignment or it’s stuck between the gum line and the jawbone.  An impacted molar may cause swelling, unbearable pain and infection of the gums surrounding the wisdom tooth. It can also damage the neighboring teeth, bones, and gums.

Most dentists recommend to have it surgically removed before it forms a cyst or tumor. Patients may look for a dentist open on weekends because it is suggested to have a couple of days rest after the surgery.

  • You need a dental implant.

These are alternatives to bridges and dentures. Implants need to be surgically anchored in the patient’s jawbone to make sure it fits perfectly. You should have a good bone density if you want to have a dental implant. It is also important that you are not prone to infection and is willing to follow a good oral regimen.

  • You have jaw problems.

This includes unequal jaw growth, fit of dentures or having temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. An oral surgery in Mississauga is usually recommended to fix jaw problems and ensure that the pain is managed.

Oral surgery is a must for dental conditions that cannot be treated by regular dentists. If your schedule is hectic, you can go to Bristol Dental clinic for a dentist open on weekends.

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