Why You Should Receive an Implant to Replace a Missing Tooth as Soon as Possible

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If you are missing a tooth at the back of your mouth, especially the one that is not visible when you smile, you may consider forgoing tooth replacement or at least delaying it. However, this can have serious consequences. There are good reasons why dentists recommend implants Mississauga straight after tooth loss and extraction.


Biting and Chewing

Other teeth need to work harder to compensate for the missing tooth. This can lead to some teeth being overworked when eating.


Gum Disease

Over time, other teeth will start shifting into the gap left by the missing tooth. This leads to new spaces where plaque can build up, increasing your risk of gum disease. If the original tooth loss is due to gum disease, this is extra problematic — it means you have an even greater chance of losing another tooth.



Each tooth contributes to the structure of your entire mouth. Even if only one tooth is missing, your face will start to change shape. The hollow space in your cheek may lead to wrinkled or sagging skin, making you look older.



Depending on the location of the missing tooth, you may find it difficult to speak properly.


Bone Loss

Whenever possible, dentists recommend implants over dentures to prevent bone loss. The metal abutment in your jawbone takes the place of the root of your tooth, stimulating the bone. This stops the jawbone from shrinking and keeps teeth well-supported.


Lack of Self-Confidence

If you are worried that others will notice the gap in your mouth, you may feel self-conscious about smiling and eating in the company of others.



Due to the lack of contact on the opposing arch, the tooth above or below the gap may start to extrude. This can lead to damage, including fractures, looseness, and gum problems.

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