How To Restore Teeth So You Can Smile Again

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Inlays and onlays are options to restore teeth that have been damaged by decay. This procedure requires minimal invasive cosmetic dentistry which uses an indirect filling. Dentists make sure that these fit your teeth before using them to restore your teeth. Both are done through laser dentistry in Mississauga.

The Difference

When dentists use an “inlay,” they bond it in the middle of your tooth. On the other hand, an “onlay” restores the tooth by covering certain points on your tooth.

Pros and Cons of inlays and onlays


  • Gives more strength for your teeth
  • More reliable and lasts longer
  • They match the natural color of your teeth


  • More expensive than other restoration methods
  • Requires repeated appointments
  • Other healthy teeth might get removed


Overall, inlays and onlays restore teeth and improve the appearance & health of your teeth.

How to restore teeth?

The procedure involves laser dentistry in Mississauga which begins by removing the decay and getting an impression of your tooth. Then they proceed in creating the inlay or onlay in the laboratory. When you go back for the next appointment, your dentist will place an alternate restoration on your tooth.

When you come back, it will be removed and the processed restoration will be cemented into your tooth.

How much does it cost?

The price range for inlays and onlays to restore teeth vary on a number of factors. Inlays range from $700 to $800 while onlays range from $800 to $920.


To number a few factors:

  • Location of your dentist
  • Experience in the field
  • Number of teeth that need replacement
  • Size and location of tooth


When you plan on having this procedure done, ask your dentist about laser dentistry in Mississauga for optimal results. 

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