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The best resort to know the most suitable solution for your problem is to exhaust all your options. Sometimes, choosing the easiest answer might not permanently solve a case. If you need a dental crown for that missing tooth, make sure that it’s the right material. Don’t just choose the resin type or the porcelain one since it’s the only available choice in your dentist’s office. It’s alright if you’re not sure which one suits you best. There are other means to help you decide.

Crowns or dental caps are famous to patients who finally found their lost smiles due to a missing tooth. Sometimes, it also covers an imperfect tooth to provide protection and aesthetic. Most dentists also trust this dental prosthetic because it gives accurate functions like durability and comfort. Indeed, a dental crown procedure brings a multitude of benefits to the patient.

Types of dental crown

Here are the types of dental caps that are available in the market. Each of them serves a specific purpose to a particular dental need.

  1. Stainless steel

More often than not, a stainless steel dental cap is used as temporary cover. It’s placed on top of a prepared tooth or filling for protection while the permanent dental crown is still fabricated. Suffice to say, it’s pre-made so that the patient can use it the same day of his dental procedure.

Interestingly, stainless steel types are suitable for kids. Its function is to shield an entire primary tooth before the permanent tooth comes out. When the permanent bite erupts, the dental cap goes along the primary tooth when it falls off. Don’t worry, the dental crown procedure is super safe and comfortable for kids with the help of sedation.

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  1. Metal

Metal dental caps have a composition of gold, platinum, and alloys. These are strong components making this type very durable and long lasting. It could withstand the forces of chewing that’s why it’s best for molars.

  1. Porcelain-fused-to-metal

Sometimes, dentists would fuse metal and porcelain materials to achieve a sturdy and natural-looking dental crown. Since pure metal caps could appear dark, they believe infusing porcelain could make it look better. Although it does bring better appearance, it still has a tendency to chip or break.

  1. Porcelain or ceramic

Most patients would choose this type of tooth crown because it provides the best aesthetic. A full porcelain crown virtually looks like a real tooth so it’s difficult for others to notice that it’s different. Both materials do not stain easily and last long up to 10 years with proper care. Ask your dentist on proper ways to care for your tooth cap after the dental crown procedure.

  1. Resin

Although the resin type of crown is the most common due to its affordable cost, it’s pretty frail. It’s very prone to breakage and fractures than the other types. It’s only recommended for a quick solution, especially for budgeting patients.

When considering a dental crown in Mississauga, make sure that you get the top quality dental care you deserve.

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