Family Dentistry: Protecting Your Household From Cavity

family dentistry
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Family dentistry has been around for quite a while now providing general dental care for all ages. This is the reason why they’re considered as your primary dental health care providers. Although every dentist went through extensive training, family dentists took one step further in this field and broadened their specialty for everyone. Now, you don’t have to go to different places at once to give each family member a dental checkup. You could bring your toddler, teenager, and even your senior parents for dental cleaning.

There’s more to it than just taking advantage of the one-stop-shop feature of the family dental clinic. Here are the common family dental care services they provide for you and your adorable pack.

Main roles of family dentistry

Breaking the stigma

As early as 3 years old, kids can already see their dentist for an oral checkup. Unknown to many, oral diseases may be inherited and could be detected early during the child’s first three years. It’s a good time and opportunity to halt the progression of the bad signs and stop them for good.

This doesn’t only detect early signs of oral diseases, it also allows dentists to build a relationship with your kids. With family dentistry, dentists can break the stigma that they’re scary or they cause anxiety. Kids would be more comfortable with them for basically being part of their growing up years.

Preventing major dental issues

With regular dental visits, it’s easy to prevent tartar and plaque development. Suffice to say, your teeth will decay or worse, will be extracted without proper maintenance. Let the family dental care services keep those diseases at bay with comprehensive dental exams. To set your expectations, these exams include dental history interview, dental X-rays, and oral prophylaxis.

family dental care

Correcting signs of teeth imperfection


Orthodontists are known to help teens correct their teeth before the effects become worse. Fortunately, your family dentist could also provide the same service for your kids. They may diagnose and treat malocclusion cases with traditional braces or Invisalign treatment. Other family members may also have teeth whitening or veneers to improve their teeth appearance. Basically, family dentistry could also help you with achieving cosmetic goals for your teeth.

Treating present dental problems

Although you have regular dental visits, it’s still possible to develop gum disease. Even kids can suffer from this kind of infection. Your family dentist could detect its early signs of periodontal issues such as inflammation and receding gum pockets. Upon proper diagnosis, he will treat the disease to prevent serious complications. Kids don’t have to worry if the treatment becomes slightly-invasive. Sedation dentistry is already a part of the family dental care services to help kids relax all throughout the procedure.

Educating proper oral care

Above all this, your family dentist is very engaging when it comes to providing your family members with oral care education. It’s important that you realize the effort with the presentation. With this technique, it’s easy to remember how vital it is to take care of your teeth and your family’s.

What matters most is for your Mississauga dentist to provide the best dental health care despite your differences in dental needs.

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