What Is the Best Age to Begin Orthodontic Treatment?

Best age to begin orthodontic treatment
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Many parents with younger children who have yet to see the dentist wonder when is the ideal time for their children to get orthodontic treatment or braces. While pre-teens and teenagers (and even adults) are often seen with braces, it’s usually recommended for children to start dental treatment early on in life. However, the right age to start the treatment is calculated based on the logic that the child wears the braces or invisalign for the least required time. This would ensure that the child would not be wearing braces for extended period of time such as 2 or 3 or 5 years!

By timing the treatment properly, issues can be addressed as they present themselves, and adjustments can be made while the child’s jawbone is still developing.

Once a child reaches adulthood, teeth may take longer to realign and reposition through treatment because the jaw becomes very dense and anchored in its position over time. If you would like to know when the best time to get started on orthodontic treatment is, read below for some useful advice.

The Best Age for Braces

Generally, the best age for braces is just before the child attains puberty. At this age, some or most of the adult teeth would have already started coming in and dentists can assess potential problem areas. Although 13-14 is generally a good age to begin treatment, the best age for your child’s specific scenario can vary. There are exceptional cases where some kids may need interceptive orthodontics whne they are even 7 years old. All these depends on jaw and dental development and the pace at which it happens, which can differ on a case-to-case basis.

It’s usually a good idea to schedule an appointment with your child to see the dentist and to allow the dental professional to judge when would be a good time for braces or any orthodontic treatment, if necessary. When you visit your regular dentist, ask them for their opinion and guidance for an orthodontic evaluation.

Easy Treatment

It is often thought that when orthodontic treatment is started earlier in life, the treatment will be easier. This is because the younger you are, the more adaptable your body is. Once you start getting older, your jawline and mouth will be harder to change. If you want your child to have the best possible treatment and to avoid complications or unforeseen issues, get them checked out by a dental professional sooner rather than later.

Cost and Shorter Treatment

Another benefit of getting dental/orthodontic treatment for your child as early asit would be possible is that the duration of treatment tends to be shorter and less costly. This makes sense when you consider that being younger generally makes the treatment easier and less complicated. Keep in mind that it is also more budget-friendly and a wise investment in a great, healthy smile for years to come.

Prevent Trauma

Early evaluation and orthodontic treatment can be beneficial in that it prevents your child from going through unnecessary trauma, both emotionally and physically. They will be less likely to have to wear braces as an adult and once the teeth are aligned, they should be less likely to face some of the issues associated with misalignment such as injury and pain. They will reap the benefits of an aesthetically pleasing smile and will learn to take care of their teeth and oral hygiene along the way.

Reduce Future Issues

Of course, one of the best ways to reduce future issues for your child’s dental health is to take care of the existing ones. If left untreated, problems can persist and become worse over time. This can affect your child in many ways. In order to prevent this, consider getting braces or orthodontic treatment for your child as soon as suggested by your dental professional. As the old saying goes, “There is no better time than now!”

Finally, please remember that it is never too late to start orthodontic treatment and take care of lingering or persistent issues. While sooner is better, there is still much to gain in terms of quality of life, comfort, and aesthetics even if you begin treatment later on in life. No one should have to live with jaw or dental issues just because they feel that they are too old for treatment. After all, better late than never!

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