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A complete set of pearly white teeth is everyone’s favorite asset. It boosts someone’s confidence and makes a lasting impression. So what do you do if you have crooked, yellow teeth or suffer from bad breath? Find affordable cosmetic dentistry options in Mississauga.  Bristol dental care has a dentist in Mississauga to take care of your oral aesthetic needs.


Most cosmetic dental procedures are no longer done for aesthetic purposes only. Nowadays, these dental procedures are done for restorative purposes as well. Although dental treatments may come costly, there are still affordable cosmetic dentistry options in Mississauga. Here are some of them:


  1. Dental Fillings – This procedure is done if the teeth have been damaged by decay caused by improper oral hygiene. Your dentist in Mississauga will remove the damaged part of your teeth and put dental fillings to restore its functionality.
  2. Composite Dental Bonding – It is also known as composite dental veneers. It helps in rebuilding the tooth structure. A tooth-colored resin is attached to the damaged tooth to fill in gaps and reshape the tooth. This dental process is painless.
  3. Dental Crowns –  This is also known as dental caps. Like dental fillings, before the crown is placed on the broken tooth, the decayed part is removed. Once the tooth is ready, a cap is placed over the reconstructed tooth for protection. Dental crowns are durable. With proper care, it can last a lifetime.
  4. Teeth contouring – If you have a misshapen tooth yet free from cavities, this could be the perfect procedure for you. This treatment is used to reshape and smooth out ridges of the tooth using a laser or special drill.
  5. Professional Teeth Whitening – This the most popular among the affordable cosmetic dentistry options in Mississauga.  This procedure removes the discoloration of the teeth for a brighter appearance. There are numerous tooth whitening kits that can be purchased over the counter. However, teeth whitening professionally done by your dentist in Mississauga will guarantee you a more lasting effect.



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