Keeping Under Your Crown and Bridge Clean With an Oral Irrigator

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The last thing you want to happen is for bacteria to build up under your crown and bridge. This could lead to decay, which would require further treatment. It is difficult to keep dental restorations clean through brushing alone, which is why many people choose to add an oral irrigator (or water pick) to their dental hygiene routine.


What Is an Oral Irrigator?

Oral irrigators shoot out small bursts of water at a high pressure. This knocks remnants of food, debris, and bacteria away from the edges of your crown Mississauga and bridge as well as from other places in the mouth.

Bear in mind that an oral irrigator is insufficient to clean your entire mouth, nor can it remove plaque. You still need to brush and receive regular professional cleanings.


Who Should Use an Oral Irrigator?

Anyone with a crown and bridge can benefit from an oral irrigator, but it is particularly useful for those who suffer from periodontitis or are at a high risk of developing gum disease. For some people, it can make a good alternative to flossing, especially if you have sensitive gums or if bleeding could be problematic, such as if you are diabetic. Other people choose oral irrigators simply because they like the sensation of the massage on their gums.


Choosing an Oral Irrigator

You can choose between oral irrigators for home use and portal ones for travel. Home models are larger and charge through an electrical outlet, whereas portal versions are battery-powered. All types work in much the same way, but only some allow you to adjust the pressure.

You should talk to your dentist after you receive a crown and bridge about whether an oral irrigator is right for you. Your dentist will recommend the best type of oral irrigator for your needs.

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