Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding
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Sometimes, it could be difficult to make decisions when wanting to improve one’s self. Lots of things need to be considered especially in having perfect teeth. There are cheap procedures but give poor results. However, the best ones are really expensive. Listen now, dental bonding could give you a stunning smile with minimal cost.

You heard that right and it’s not a hocus pocus. Moreover, there are more advantages of dental composite bonding to enjoy when you have it. Before you delve into that vital information, discover how this treatment works its magic.

The dental bonding process

  1. The dentist chooses a matching color for your tooth from his shade chart. He picks the color that closely matches with your natural tooth for the composite resin material and prepares it.
  2. It’s time to put the attention to the tooth and prepare it before the bonding. He roughens the tooth surface using an acid etching gel.
  3. He applies the conditioning liquid at this stage to help the composite material properly adhere to the tooth.
  4. It’s time to apply the bonding material and mold it to a desired shape and form. The dentist will use his dental polisher on this one to also smoothen the surface.
  5. He then solidifies the material permanently by using an ultraviolet light over it.
  6. When it hardens, he will shape and trim it further before polishing it for the final result.

If you want to find out the dental bonding cost at this point, consult your dentist for the precise quotation.

Pros of dental bonding

The benefits of composite resin bonding include the following:


One of the main advantages of this dental procedure is that it requires neither anesthesia nor surgery. It doesn’t even need to take so much from the tooth’s enamel. Dental bonding only needs a bit of etching to help the adhesive and bonding material to hold on the tooth. Since the change is pretty minimal, it would be painless.

On the contrary, numbing would be necessary if the bonding is to cover a decayed or infected tooth.

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Another good thing about tooth bonding is the fact that it’s a swift process. It practically finishes a tooth within 30 minutes and that’s only a single appointment. There’s no need to wait for anesthesia to work or to prepare the tooth extensively like with other treatments.


A dental bonding cost differs and depends on each patient’s case. However, it is basically the least expensive among all restorative and cosmetic dental procedures out there. Unlike veneers or dental crowns, tooth bonding could go as low as $50 CAD per tooth.

4.Recovery period

Since the procedure is less to non-invasive, there’s no need to count days for your recovery. According to patients who gave dental bonding reviews, they could go back to normal routines right after the treatment. However, just ensure that you’re still following a good oral hygiene practice especially now that you have a bonded tooth.

Cons of tooth bonding


Although dental bonding could have more benefits, there are still underlying limitations for this treatment. One of that drawbacks is that bonding materials aren’t resistant to stains. Especially within 48 hours after the process, it is very vulnerable to blemishes. If you already have a bonded tooth, make sure to avoid drinks such as tea and coffee. Also, foods such as berries and turmeric have high staining properties that you need to stay away from.

If you’re a chain smoker, expect your bonded tooth to turn yellowish in just a few days. Continuing these habits would make the tooth bonding stand out from the rest of your teeth and that’s not good. So, check your activities from time to time.


Aside from that, the bonding materials aren’t as tough as porcelain or metal for veneers and crowns. However, the trick to this is to ensure that you’re still performing an excellent job at taking care of your teeth. Most importantly, visit your dentist during your regular appointments.

This might explain why the dental bonding cost isn’t that expensive as the other treatments. Nevertheless, your tooth bonding will always give you a beautiful smile. Ask your Mississauga dentist how he could help you achieve that smile goal with tooth bonding.

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