How Much Does The Dental Bridge Cost In Mississauga?

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There are various dental treatment options that dentists use to replace lost teeth. One of these is the dental bridge which prevents teeth movement, speech difficulties and dental diseases. Patients also consider the dental bridge cost in Mississauga as they explore their tooth replacement options.

A single dental bridge consists of two crowns placed on each of side of the gap between the missing tooth. The materials used to create a dental bridge include porcelain, alloys, gold, or a combination of these materials. Dental bridges get support from neighboring teeth or dental implants. Patients can find a dentist open on weekends so they can discuss whether dental bridges are suitable for them.


Kinds of dental bridge


Knowing the dental bridge cost in Mississauga involves knowing the other types of dental bridges that patients can choose from.


Cantilever bridge


The dentist uses this type of bridge to replace only a tooth. He removes a portion of the enamel of the adjacent tooth to support the bridge.


Maryland bonded bridge


The Maryland bonded bridge includes plastic teeth and gums that are supported by metal frameworks. Dentists bond the metal frameworks on both sides and the bridge attached to the remaining teeth. Patients may book an appointment with a dentist open on weekends that specializes in using this dental bridge.


Traditional bridge


The dentist creates a traditional bridge by making a crown or implant on either side of the lost tooth, and a pontic in between. He makes these bridges out of porcelain fused to metal or ceramics.


How much does the dental bridge cost in Mississauga?


The dental bridge cost in Mississauga usually starts at $500 CAD. Prices still vary on the materials used and the complexity of the procedure.

There are many tooth replacement options you can choose from. Moreover, your availability should not be an issue. You can now see a dentist open on weekends to help with your dental concern.

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  • Posted on 21-03-2021 by Ricardo

    One of my front tooth is already weak as per my dentist. He said I need a bridge. I am looking for affordable estimates for this procedure.

  • Posted on 17-10-2021 by Nancy alvarez

    I need two bridge 1 crown in each side. Please take mi case