Gum Contouring: Cost And When Is It Necessary

Gum Contouring Cost
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Gum contouring reshapes the patient’s gums in order to make look aesthetically pleasing. This treatment falls under cosmetic dentistry. Learning how much gum contouring cost helps patients prepare for the treatment.

Dentists say gum contouring belongs to the cosmetic procedures that enhance the way people smile. Medically speaking, patients need not undergo this procedure. However, a Mississauga dentist sees the need for this if the patient undergo periodontal procedures such as crown lengthening.

When is gum contouring necessary?

Some patients have gums that cover most of their tooth. Others have their teeth almost uncovered as the gums recede. Some patients have gums that are too high. It makes their teeth look longer due to gum recession. It’s a condition wherein the gum tissue moves away from the tooth and shows the root. Dentists suggest patients get a gum contouring, cost varies depending on the complexity of the procedure.

If patients fail to undergo the procedure, this complicates the dental health. Prolonged exposure of the teeth leads to serious dental illness like decay, cavities, and tooth loss. A Mississauga dentist shares that gum recession could lead to periodontal diseases.

Knowing the gum contouring cost

The cost for gum contouring ranges from $70 CAD to $500 CAD. That covers the removal and reshaping of the gum tissues found around a tooth. Gum contouring cost differs according to the complexity of work, expertise and rates of the dentists.

There are times that overgrowth and damage happen in other areas. Crown lengthening involves comprehensive gum reshaping which removes gum and bone tissues surrounding the teeth. A Mississauga dentist shares that cost ranges from $1,300 CAD up to $4,000 CAD. Since this is a cosmetic procedure, dental insurance does not cover this procedure.

What to expect?

The dentist performs the procedure in his dental clinic. A few of the instruments he uses include lasers, scalpels, and radiosurgery. It’s best for the patient to consult the dentist prior to choosing which procedure to go through.

Always consult your dentist before you undergo gum contouring.

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