Have A Bedazzling Smile With Laser Gum Contouring

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Gum contouring is an uncommon dental procedure but an equally necessary process to improve a patient’s dental health. However, dentists usually recommend this treatment alone for aesthetic purposes. There are patients who find their smiles unattractive because of their gum’s appearance. To understand this better, here is when gum reshaping becomes necessary or recommended.

When does it become necessary?

A gummy smile is a condition where a patient is showing excessive gum under his upper lip. Sometimes, this makes the teeth look smaller or a bit too large. Unfortunately, society finds this occurrence unappealing that’s why patients turn to science. Aside from this, here are other reasons why laser gum contouring is needed:

  • Gums are too low

If the gums are too low, it means that it covers most of the teeth resulting in a gummy smile. Studies suggest genetics and serious health issues cause this. Some prescription medications are also pointed as a reason for this dental condition. So, aside from fixing the physical outcome, dentists also recommend to identify the cause and treat it.   

  • Receding gums

The gums could also appear too high, making the teeth appear larger.  However, it’s unlikely that your gums originally appear that way. It could be a case of gum recession. Receding gums happen when there’s disease developing in the gum pockets. These started with food residues getting stuck in between teeth spaces without proper oral hygiene. Therefore, gum contouring should also go with practicing good oral regimen.  

Gum contouring procedure

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  1. Your dentist starts the gum reshaping treatment by making an outline on your gums for precision. It also shows how much gums will be removed and how it might look after the gum contouring surgery.
  2. The dentist administers local anesthesia and applies it to the affected area to keep you comfortable throughout the treatment.
  3. He uses the soft tissue laser gum contouring tool to start trimming the excess gums. The laser also helps to eradicate the hollows on the gums that might cause infection.
  4. Using the same tool, he finally seals the gums to achieve the aimed result. Sealing would also avoid bleeding and further complications.
  5. Sometimes, dentists apply crown lengthening with this procedure to improve the patient’s looks.  


Just like any dental procedure, the gum contouring treatment would cost differently for each patient. Generally, it ranges from $600 CAD  to $3,000 CAD. This greatly depends on factors such as the location of the clinic, the reputation of the dentist, and your insurance coverage.

Most insurance providers do not cover the expenses for cosmetic dental treatments. However, if your treatment is necessary to remove a diseased gum tissue, then they might consider a portion of the total payment.

Additionally, there are other dental services necessary with the treatment. Crown lengthening, for example, might be supplemental for this process but is an additional cost to your bill.


Your road to recovery after the laser gum contouring could take up to a few weeks or a month. This all depends on how extensive the process was or how well you care for the treated area. It’s pretty much the same when you have a tooth extraction. You will need all the rest you could get as long as you’re still healing. Don’t engage in physical activities again within the first few weeks, especially sports.

Aside from this, always beware of what you eat. Bear with soft foods for the moment like porridge and soup. Dairy products such as cheese and milk would be good. However, anything hard like cookies and fruits with seeds is prohibited.

Finally, heed your dentist’s advice on how to clean your teeth and mouth this time. After your gum contouring services in Mississauga, you need to be more thorough but gentle with your oral hygiene habits.

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