How to Find the Best Dentist for Your Family

How to find the best dentist for your family
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For your growing family and young children, it’s important to get the right dental care and to get started on practicing good habits at an early age. Your child should see a dentist by the time they are one year of age, and you should be cognizant of dental care as soon as their first teeth start erupting.

A pediatric dentist will be equipped and qualified to handle the issues that come with young children and can help your child ease into the process of seeing a dentist for the first time. When it comes to choosing the right family dentist, you want to make sure your family is comfortable and cared for. Read below to learn how to find and ensure the best dental care for you and your family.

Research Their Reputation

In this modern age, it’s very easy to pull up reviews on a company regardless of what services they provide. You can find reviews on social media, Google, or even through word of mouth if you ask around.

When choosing a dentist for your family, you should research the reputation of the clinics and dentists in your area before settling on one. While a few bad reviews can be normal, you definitely want to stay away from places that consistently have bad or negative feedback from their clients.

Word of mouth is also very important and if a clinic or dentist has a bad reputation, it’s more than likely that the locals will know what’s going on. Ultimately, trust the advice and feedback that you hear from others, and do your own research (even if it just means scrolling through some Google reviews).

Keep in mind that company websites may also have testimonials from existing clients if their service was outstanding and worth a try.

Check Credentials

You are welcome to ask about and check into the credentials of your soon-to-be dentist. For example, look into their educational qualifications and past experience. Keep in mind that most pediatric dentists require two years of additional training after dental school.

For starters, ask them how long they have been in the field of dentistry, and what it is they love about their job. A dentist that has years of experience and continues to be passionate about dentistry is one that you and your family will surely enjoy working with.

Ask Friends and Family

Your friends and family may have some great recommendations and insight if you value their advice. Ask the people around you that you trust, and make an effort to research their recommendations as well.

Speak to Front Desk Staff

Once you have a general idea of which clinics may be best, narrow it down by making some phone calls and speaking to the front desk staff that work there. You can usually gauge a lot about the clinic just by asking some general questions.

For example, you can ask about opening/closing hours, equipment, types of treatments, policies, and more. If the front desk staff are courteous, kind, and polite, then it’s a good sign that the working environment flows smoothly and is effective. Have a list of questions ready so that you don’t miss your talking points.

Talk to the Dentist

Talking to the dentist in question is probably the best way to determine if they are the right fit for your family. The dentist will know first-hand about procedures, equipment, and policies that are in effect. This will also help to give you an idea of the dentist’s personality and if they work well with others. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and know that a good, reputable dentist will address your concerns in a polite and professional manner.

Trust Your Gut

Your instincts exist for a reason. Always trust your gut when it comes to choosing a dentist or any medical professional for that matter. In the long run, it won’t be worthwhile if you always feel uncomfortable or uneasy around your family dentist or doctor. If something feels off, walk away, even if you can’t quite put your finger on a reason why.

Make Sure Your Child Is Comfortable

Ultimately, the health and safety of your child should be your first priority. Have your child meet the dentist, and monitor how they interact to make sure your child feels comfortable. Check in with them afterward to see what they think and if the dentist is truly a good fit. After all, your child should get a say in a decision this important.

All in all, it’s very important to find the right dentist for your family and to make sure they specialize in pediatrics if you have young children or toddlers. The right dentist will make you and your family feel comfortable and will address your concerns and issues appropriately and without discomfort.

For more information on dentists in the Mississauga area, please call Bristol Dental at 866-673-2109 or contact us here. We offer professional and affordable family dentistry services in a convenient location. Please contact us today to speak with our front-desk staff and make an appointment.

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