Things to Look for in a Family Dentist

Things to Look for in a Family Dentist
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Whether you’ve just acquired dental insurance or moved into a new area, you may be looking for a family dentist. Finding the right dental professional can take time as it’s important to find someone you trust. It’s not a bad idea to ask for recommendations from family and friends.

Aside from providing you with excellent oral care, you’ll want each visit to be pleasant. Ideally, you’ll want someone who has the right credentials, skills and is also kind and compassionate. Here are few things to look for in a family dentist, so you can choose a professional who meets your expectations.

1. The style of dentistry practiced

It is hard for patients to understand what is recommended is the best for them because each dentist uses their own judgement while formulating treatment plans. It is important to understand if the dentist practices conservative dentistry or aggressive dentistry.

2. Works with adults and children

A good family dentist will have experience working with a wide range of patients and many families members prefer to go to the same dentist as each other. This is not only convenient but also ensures consistency in oral care.

If you have small children, there are certainly benefits in sending them to a pediatric dentist but this isn’t always necessary. Besides, cost can be prohibitive. A general dentist who is friendly and patient can also be very good with kids. Check the clinic’s website , so you can learn more about his or her background.

3. Makes you feel comfortable and important

Good oral care goes beyond the routine check-up and X-ray. Your family dentist should be someone who not only makes you feel comfortable but also important. You’ll want a professional who doesn’t rush you out the door when you want to ask questions or makes your concerns seem insignificant. Choose a dentist who will take the time to explain procedures and who cares enough to offer reassurance and guidance. Each visit should be an opportunity to gain valuable insight and bring you one step closer to optimal oral health.

4. Stays on top of the latest advances

Like any other industry, the dental sector is constantly evolving. Advances in technology are allowing dentists to offer cutting-edge procedures with better results. Choose a dentist who strives to stay on top of the latest techniques and whose office is equipped with modern machinery. High-quality dentists are always trying to improve their craft through further education and workshops. Never settle for a dental professional who only offers the basics because you may need treatment down the line that calls for higher care.

5. Is easily accessible

If you have to wait more than two weeks to see your dentist, this could become problematic, especially if you require immediate care. Younger family members, like small children and teenagers, should never have to wait for a checkup. Should one of you have an emergency, your dentist should be able to see you within a day. Availability should be a major factor in your overall decision, so before committing to a dentist ask the receptionist how long it typically takes to schedule an appointment.

6. A clean and inviting dental office

Most people, especially kids, feel more comfortable and confident when their dentist’s office is clean and inviting. Choose a dentist who takes pride in his or her practice. Because you’ll be spending a lot of time here, be sure the office is a space where you can relax before and after your procedure. Check for comfortable furniture, up-to-date reading materials, a clean bathroom, and an area where your children can play. These may seem like small details, but they’re also signs your dentist cares about the comfort of their patients.

7. Cost

Contrary to what people think, bargains don’t actually save money. Since the cost of running dental practices are very similar and most charge their dental association recommended fee guides, dental offices which give deals or don’t collect co-payments to lure new patients will recover the lost revenue one way or the other in the subsequent appointments. Even in the short term, a honest dental office will definitely prove economical in all aspects and provide peace of mind. Choose a dentist who care about your oral health and not someone who does treatment based on the money. Remember, dental treatment are not reversible if treatment is sub-standard.

To learn more about choosing the right dentist for your family, call Bristol Dental at 905-712-3409 or contact us here.

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