How Often Should I See the Mississauga Dentist?

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How often should you see your Mississauga dentist is twice a year.

One reason to see the dentist is smile enhancement Mississauga.


Smile enhancement

Your Mississauga dentist can do smile enhancement in his or her office.

Smile enhancement includes;

  • Professional teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Braces
  • Caps or crowns

Whitening can be done by your dentist or dental hygienist as well as at home with different whitening products such as; strips, trays, or pastes you just have to understand how they work so you are not disappointed with the results you get.

Veneers are thin resin shells that adhere to the front of your teeth to cover stains and cover cracks or a chip.

Braces straighten your teeth to provide you self-confidence and a great smile.

Caps and crowns help strengthen and rebuild chipped or broken teeth.


Emergency dental needs

An emergency dental need is another reason to see your Mississauga dentist.

There are plenty of emergency dental clinics Mississauga that can handle a tooth that has been knocked out or loose, abscesses, or trauma from an accident.

Many people have had trauma to their mouth and teeth from accidents or falls. This kind of trauma needs to be seen within an hour or two from the original trauma to prevent tooth loss or permanent disfiguring.

If you cannot get into an emergency dental clinic and have a trauma to your mouth you need to go to urgent care.


Other dental procedures in Mississauga

Dentist in Mississauga can also handle other dental procedures as well that you will need.

Procedures such as tooth extractions, fillings, screening for cancers, and more are performed at the Bristol Dental Group Monday through Saturday including evening hours on certain days in order to better serve all our patients.

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