Common Causes of Oral Inflammation and How to Treat Them

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Oral inflammation is the mouth’s way to respond and to cope with an injury. At first glance, inflammation is a normal reaction which also heals by itself within days. However, when it already affects the daily routine of eating and talking, do not hesitate to visit the dental office in Mississauga. There’s no reason to wait for an inflammation in the mouth to get worse before it even heals.

Two common causes of oral inflammation


Poorly fitted dental appliances

Patients who wear dental appliances like metal braces or retainers most likely experience having lesions in the mouth. Lesions form when the dental appliances come in contact with the gums and linings of the mouth. These lesions will soon develop to canker sores because of the presence of bacteria in the mouth.

A visit to the dental office in Mississauga is necessary if the mouth sores don’t heal within three to five days. The dentist will check the fittings of the dental appliances and see if it needs adjustments. A coating gel prescribed by your dentist aids in healing the mouth sores faster.


Tooth decay

A decayed tooth is another common cause of oral inflammation. Inside the mouth, the gum swells, and it is evident outside as the cheek swells too. The patient needs to see a dentist as soon as possible a this causes severe pain and headache. 


The dentist will check the underlying cause of the inflammation that is why it is important to go to the dental office in Mississauga. A digital x-ray of the affected tooth will be taken for proper diagnosis. The dentist will discuss possible treatment options, either a simple tooth extraction or a root canal therapy. The patient will also receive proper medication to manage the pain and heal the inflammation before the dental treatment


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