Cosmetic Dental Implants: A Delightful Smile Makeover

cosmetic dental implants
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More and more patients now recognize cosmetic dental implants to help them restore their lost smiles. Although initially recommended for general restorations, implants are also very effective with aesthetics. If you have the following condition, you might find this treatment suitable:

What conditions need dental implants?

  1. Lost tooth

When you lose a tooth, it’s somehow difficult to decide which dental restoration best suits you. Since there are various options in the market today, it’s best to consult your Mississauga dentist. Even prior to your visit, you might want to consider implants and discuss this restorative option with your dentist.

It is built to function similarly to that of your natural teeth that’s why most dentists recommend it. Like a mini dental implant, it closely imitates the strength and hold of a real tooth root.

  1. Bone loss

When your teeth start to fall off, it would leave the surrounding bone to deteriorate. When this happens, the bone eventually melts away and causes the patients’ premature aging. They would look older than their age as the jawbone caves in without support. This makes dentures, especially those with implants, important as soon as the first fallen tooth take place.

  1. Teeth shifting

Cosmetic dental implants could be vital to prevent teeth shifting. Aside from bone loss, your remaining teeth will start to move due to the missing gap from the lost tooth. Once the teeth shift out of place, a variety of misalignment issues will occur. This would also lead to speech challenges and eating problems.

Teeth braces might be helpful, however, the teeth will go back to its original crooked state without a replacement tooth. Crowns with implants are a great substitute for that.

  1. Ill-fitting dentures


Loose dentures are very uncomfortable. They cause pain, lesions, and difficulty in everything the patient does with his mouth. Talking and chewing could be hard and that’s because it doesn’t have a solid foundation.

Dentists may install the mini dental implant under the prosthetic teeth to provide a better grip. Since the gums hold the implant steadily, it won’t slip or fall off with the denture.

  1. Loose crowns and bridges

Two of the best solutions to missing teeth are dental crowns and bridges. These false teeth are made with materials such as porcelain or ceramic to mirror a real tooth’s appearance. They also possess great sturdiness to endure the forces of chewing. However, they are still prone to crack or break.

Generally, both dental appliances are mounted on top of your existing teeth or restoration.  Sometimes, the cement wears off too soon or they’re not quite fit. As a remedy, dentists pair them up with implants for better support.

It’s great to realize that dentistry has an answer to your dental problem. While it’s true that implants are best to improve speech and nutrition, there’s more advantage.

Cosmetic dental implants

The concept of cosmetic dental implants comes up easily because it doesn’t only improve tooth functions but looks as well. Patients no longer worry with socializing because teeth with implants feel so natural.

Most implants are made with titanium, a metal that is biocompatible with the human body. Inside the gums, the implants fuse with the soft tissues and the bones. Thus, creating a secure foundation for the replacement teeth.

Having said this, patients will not have a hard time getting used to having them. Dental implant specialists have their way of ensuring that the implant seamlessly blends in with the rest of the teeth. Even with a mini dental implant, patients are guaranteed that their smiles and confidence are restored.

So, when you decide to have a dental implant, make sure to have it with the best clinic in town. The outcome of your treatment still depends on the hands of your dental specialist.


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