6 Effective Teeth Whitening Products To Brighten Your Day

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Step into the light and show the world what you’ve got — those beautiful pearly whites! Now that we live in the modern day, almost every problem has an instant solution. Now, dentists have several remedies for discolored teeth. Have yours brighten in typically just minutes after having a professional teeth whitening.  

Aside from a professional or an in-office dental bleaching, your teeth could become brighter with over-the-counter products. It could be cheaper and doing it by yourself gives you better control over how the results come out. Furthermore, teeth whitening procedure done at home could also be done anywhere. This holds true since teeth whitening products may be contained inside a dental kit or pouch.

Bet you’re ready to check the types of dental whitening items to add on your shopping list. However, just sit on tight first. Read on how dentists perform a laser teeth whitening so you also understand the process.

In-office teeth whitening procedure

A professional teeth bleaching treatment is a swift process done in a single visit. To obtain the optimum results, dentists sometimes find it helpful to clean the teeth first. They would make sure that plaque and tartar are out of the way so they perform an oral prophylaxis. When the teeth are ready, he starts the teeth whitening procedure.

  • First, the dentist ensures that the lips and gums are safe from the harmful effects of hydrogen peroxide. This component is an effective whitening agent and it is in most dental whitening products out there in the market. Nonetheless, it may harm the soft tissues so the teeth whitening dentist applies a protective coating over them.
  • Next, he evenly applies the teeth whitening gel on the teeth. When a good amount of the gel is already placed, he shines an ultraviolet lamp directly over it. This process will activate the whitening agent that easily breaks up the teeth stains. This procedure is completed in 15 minutes.  
  • He repeats this part of the procedure three times. In less than an hour, patients could already achieve brightness up to 10 times than its previous shade.

Now that you have a better grasp of this technique, you now understand how it works. Furthermore, it gives you an idea on how to properly use these famous dental bleaching products on your own.

Types of dental whitening products

Aside from laser teeth whitening that’s done in the clinic, brightening your teeth is also achievable at home! Check out on your trusted suppliers these handy items and maybe include them in your shopping cart. Better yet, follow your dentist’s recommendations on where to avail of authentic and effective dental whitening kits.

6 Effective Teeth Whitening Products To Brighten Your Day

1.Chewing gum.

You’ve probably heard of sugarless gums and they’re almost similar to dental whitening gums. Both serve a purpose in keeping the teeth clean by keeping the flow of saliva while chewing. It’s also helpful in sticking off food residues that could cause plaque buildup. Moreover, whitening gums have a characteristic to shield the teeth from stains so daily use is advisable.


Teeth whitening gels are great in complementing the effects of your favorite whitening toothpaste. You could add this on top of the paste or apply it directly on your tooth after your teeth cleaning routines.


There are mouthwash and rinses with whitening properties that you may use when you finish brushing your teeth. Furthermore, you could also use this product after meals to ensure the cleanliness of your mouth and freshness of your breath.


Dental whitening strips are one of the most popular dental whitening items in the market. Most patients buy this stuff because it’s easy to apply and does show results. In fact, each strip has peroxide-gel making it an effective whitener. If you’re considering this, just place the strip on your teeth for 30 minutes. After that, take it off and rinse with mouthwash then be ready for an amazing experience.


Whitening toothpaste is the most popular among these products. Almost every consumer would choose a toothpaste with brightening properties than the plain one. Aside from hydrogen peroxide, whitening toothpaste is also mildly abrasive to effectively remove teeth blemishes.


Tray-based teeth whiteners come in a kit and they look like mouthguards that you need to wear once a day. Like laser teeth whitening, the peroxide concentration in the tray is the one responsible for breaking up stains gradually.

You could avail and learn more about these products and procedure when you have teeth whitening in Mississauga.

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