Can You Protect Your Teeth With Tooth Bonding?

Tooth Bonding
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Tooth bonding pertains to the dentist applying a composite resin to fix a tooth. The tooth that needs fixing succumbed to tooth decay, cracks, and fractures. Other patients who undergo this procedure endure teeth discoloration.

The procedure for bonding takes only a single appointment in a dental office in Mississauga. Bonding requires no custom-made mold like veneers. Dentists only place the material directly on the tooth.

Who needs teeth bonding?

Patients who suffer from chipped tooth are the first to line up for this procedure. However, there are other instances that make use of bonding as a remedy.

Some of those include:

  • Patients affected by cavities in their teeth. Tooth bonding replaces amalgam fillings.
  • This also closes in the gaps between teeth.
  • It reshapes worn-out and short teeth.
  • Undergoing this procedure, dentists from a dental office in MIssissauga protect the root canal of the teeth that got exposed to gum recession.
  • Dentists transform the teeth to elongate its appearance.



Tooth bonding presents itself as one of the easiest and most affordable oral cosmetic procedures.

Undergoing this procedure give some advantages such as:

  • It only needs a single appointment unless a number of teeth are affected.
  • This procedure removes the least amount of enamel on the teeth.
  • Patients need not get sedated during this procedure.



A dentist from a dental office in Mississauga clarifies that this procedure has some disadvantages as well.

Some of those include:

  • The procedure does not last long as compared to dental crowns, veneers, and dental fillings.
  • Materials may actually break or damage the teeth.
  • Only fit for small cosmetic changes.
  • Dentists suggest to use this to repair areas with low bite pressure. This pertains to the front teeth.

Bonding protects the patients’ teeth from decay and cavities. However, patients need to remember that they still have to follow their dentists for the best way to take care of their teeth.

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