Is Zoom Teeth Whitening Cost Worth It?

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Some are bothered with their stained teeth because it distorts their appearance and their confidence. These stains stem from different sources like tea, cola, or wine. Moreover, aging and cigarette smoking are also the culprits of stained teeth. Dentists recommend zoom whitening to patients who want instantly whiter teeth in just one dental visit. They educate their patients that zoom teeth whitening cost is worthy of the pearly white teeth they get after 45 minutes.


What is Zoom whitening?

Most dentists recommend Zoom whitening due to its strong bleaching process that whitens discolored teeth. The dental clinic in Mississauga begins the treatment with your dentist applying a whitening gel with hydrogen peroxide to the patient’s teeth. Next, he switches on the Zoom lamp for 15 minutes and targets the patient’s smile area. Then, the patient rinses off with a solution. The dentist repeats the procedure of bleaching and using the Zoom lamp thrice, for a total of 45 minutes. As part of the zoom teeth whitening cost, the dentist applies a protective gel to the patient’s teeth thereafter to minimize sensitivity.

The dentist may recommend a regular dental cleaning prior to the teeth whitening procedure. The health professionals in a dental clinic in Mississauga recommend zoom whitening to:

  • Patients who plan to have veneers or cosmetic bonding.
  • Those who have just removed their braces.

How much is the zoom teeth whitening cost?

On average, the zoom teeth whitening cost starts at $500 CAD. This fee includes the take-home trays given to the patient for maximum teeth whitening results. This type of cosmetic dentistry treatment is not usually covered by dental insurance.

Not everyone is confident to throw their brightest smiles; however, dentists resolve that with zoom whitening. This cosmetic dentistry treatment at a dental clinic in Mississauga enables you to have shiny white teeth again!

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