Travelling This Summer? Don’t Forget These Top 8 Oral Care Tips!

Travelling this summer? Don't forget these top 8 oral care tips!
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Sunscreen? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Hat? Check, and we’re all set to go. But wait, you’ve protected your skin and eyes, but what about your teeth? Taking care of your teeth should never be on the back burner, especially when travelling.

Even if you go to visit your Mississauga dentist regularly, there are additional steps you can take to keep your teeth in top condition. In this blog, we’ll break down all the best oral care tips that are not only great for travelling but a few that are also good for everyday life.

Dear Dentist, A Quick Checkup, Please

First things first, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with your regular Mississauga dentist before heading off on your trip. Think of it as a precautionary measure. If they discover a cavity or any other problems, they can fix them before you leave.

Whereas if you don’t get it dealt with prior, it may worsen and cause you discomfort while travelling. Now, with your checkup done, you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about any sort of dental problem.

Essentials, But Make Them Tiny

Next, make sure you’ve packed all the necessary items you need to take care of your teeth. This includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, and maybe even a tongue scraper if you have room for it.

If you’re going on a plane, make sure that the amount of liquid you have for mouthwash fits within their guidelines; otherwise, you may have to toss it. You can find plenty of travel-sized oral hygiene items at your local supermarket that will help you save space when packing without compromising on oral health.

Make sure to also pack other necessary items if you have specific hygiene needs or wear braces.

Stick To A Schedule

Travelling, especially in the summertime, is always thrilling, and it’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement and stray away from our daily routine.

However, it is extremely important for your oral health that you stick to a consistent schedule of brushing and flossing your teeth. Mississauga dentists recommend doing this at least twice a day to keep your smile nice and healthy.

Bring a Water Bottle

Although packing a water bottle is a great idea for your trip, it may not be possible to bring it with you everywhere you go. However, staying hydrated is always a good idea, especially when travelling.

Hydration is essential for your overall health and well-being, but it’s also critical to your dental health, as it helps reduce the growth of bacteria in your mouth. Bacteria form when you are not producing enough saliva, which can be caused by dehydration from a lack of water, too much alcohol, or both.

By staying hydrated, you’re going to not only feel great overall, but also prevent tooth decay from happening.

Sugars and Sweets, Oh My!

We all know that when we travel, the little sugar monster in us comes out to play and tempts us with sweets galore. It’s hard to say no to a local pastry or sugary drink.

However, it’s still a good idea to be aware of how much sugar you are eating, as it can cause enamel erosion and tooth decay. If you notice you might be going off the rails a bit, try having one meal a day dedicated to no sugar, perhaps breakfast, as it will start your day off on the right foot. You can also try swapping out your soda for a diet version or, even better, sparkling water.

Be Careful of The Crunch

As mentioned before, there are going to be lots of new foods for you to try on your trip. However, sometimes, a delicious bite can turn into a painful oral problem. When it comes to hard foods, err on the side of caution.

If you are trying a new dish, taste it carefully to assess how hard it is, and go from there. Sometimes, being a bit too excited can make you really go for it, but this enthusiasm can lead to chips in your smile.

Enjoy your food, but be careful, especially if you’re tempted to crunch on the ice in your drink. A definitive no-no from a Mississauga dentist.

Mouth Guards Aren’t Just For The Pros

Accidents can happen, no matter what you’re doing. However, the risk of them happening during intense activities is significantly increased. Whether you’re going to be playing rugby, surfing, biking or even hiking, having a mouth guard is essential to protecting your teeth.

Before your trip, you can talk to your local Mississauga dentist to see what type would be best suited for your activities. You might feel a bit ridiculous wearing one, especially if it’s your first time, but as the saying goes, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Be Prepared: Research Dentists Before You Leave

Even with all the precautionary measures in the world, accidents can still happen. It’s a good idea to research dental offices near where you’ll be staying on your trip. In case of an emergency, you know exactly where to go to get your oral issue fixed immediately.

If you’re travelling to a country where you don’t speak the language, it would be useful to know a few phrases relevant to the situation to make the process go a bit more smoothly.

Happy Travelling and Happy Teeth From Your Mississauga Dentist

Maintaining good oral hygiene while travelling doesn’t need to be difficult. By visiting your Mississauga dentist before you leave, packing the essentials, being mindful of what you eat and drink, and taking other precautionary steps, your vacation can be just as stress-free as you dreamed it to be.

Remember, prevention is key when it comes to oral hygiene, so don’t forget to brush and floss daily. By taking these oral care tips we gave you, you can travel knowing you’ve got it covered and that you know who to visit if you don’t.

For more information about oral care tips while travelling, call Bristol Dental at 905-712-3409 or contact us here.

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