When Travelling This Summer, Don’t Forget These Top 7 Oral Care Tips

When travelling this summer, dont forget these top 7 oral care tips
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Are you travelling this summer? Lucky you! Whether you’re jet-setting off to a golden beach somewhere or heading into the woods for an epic camping trip, proper preparedness is crucial.

Beyond packing the right clothing or equipment, you also need to ensure you have everything you need to care for your teeth and gums.

As you get ready for your summer vacation, don’t forget these seven oral care tips. They’ll help you maintain a healthy smile before, during, and after your holiday.

1. Schedule a pre-vacation checkup at your Mississauga dentist

One thing that you should add to your “pre-vacation to-do list” is to visit your Mississauga dentist for a checkup. We recommend scheduling this appointment long before your expected departure date. That way, it won’t slip your mind in the flurry of planning and preparing for your holiday!

This appointment is a vital step in avoiding potential dental emergencies during your trip. A thorough checkup, like the one you’ll receive at Bristol Dental Clinic, helps detect potential issues that could escalate later. For example, your dentist checks for early signs of tooth decay or gum disease so you can receive proper treatment before leaving the country.

Ultimately, this saves you from discomfort and unexpected dental troubles in a foreign place. It safeguards your oral health and ensures peace of mind so you can focus on enjoying your vacation.

2. Don’t forget your toothbrush (and other oral health tools)

It’s very important that you maintain your regular oral hygiene habits while on vacation. Otherwise, you may return home with a cavity or the early stages of gingivitis.

Of course, in order to continue caring for your teeth and gums while away, you need the right tools for the job, namely, your toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash.

Without these oral health tools, your dental hygiene will suffer. You won’t be able to remove food debris left behind after a meal or flush away sugar residue from a fruity cocktail.

As a result, plaque will begin to build up on your teeth and along your gum line. This can lead to nasty tooth decay and a cavity that you’ll have to deal with when you’re home.

3. Purchase your travel-sized essentials

If you’re travelling far enough to have a lengthy or overnight flight, you’ll want to pack an oral care kit in your carry-on luggage. After all, boarding a plane doesn’t mean you can skip brushing your teeth for the night.

You should always brush your teeth for two minutes before bed, in addition to flossing. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a plane or at home.

Since only liquids under 100 mL can be taken onto a plane, you should pick up travel-sized toothpaste and mouthwash. Place these items—along with your toothbrush and floss—in your carry-on bag right away. You’ll now be able to take care of your mouth, even on the plane.

4. Store your toothbrush properly

Your toothbrush is supposed to brush away bacteria, food debris, and plaque. However, your toothbrush can easily become a hub for bacteria if you’re not careful. When this happens, you transport fresh bacteria into your mouth every time you brush.

Consequently, you must keep your toothbrush clean and safe during your travels. Store your toothbrush in a toothbrush-specific case that covers the bristles, shielding them from exposure to germs and bacteria. The case or cover should have adequate ventilation that prevents moisture from accumulating and mould developing.

5. Drink more water and fewer sugary beverages

Fun, colourful cocktails, exotic fruit juices, pop, and other alcoholic beverages often go hand-in-hand with a vacation. Unfortunately, these drinks are not good for your oral health.

Every time you take a sip of a sweet beverage, you’re effectively bathing your teeth in sugar. Not only does this promote plaque development, but it’s a sugary feast for the bacteria in your mouth. With every sip, you’re increasing your likelihood of tooth decay.

Minimizing your consumption of these sugary liquids is vital. Instead, opt for water most of the time. You don’t have to forgo these fun beverages altogether; however, they should be a special treat instead of your go-to drink.

Staying hydrated with water supports your oral and overall health. It helps rinse away food particles and bacteria, promote saliva production, and maintain a healthy oral environment.

6. Eat hard foods carefully

We tend to gravitate more towards hard foods in the summer. Ice pops, ice cream bars, corn on the cob, and other hard-textured treats often star in our summer vacations. However, munching down on hard treats can lead to cracked teeth and other dental mishaps.

When you choose to indulge in a hard or frozen snack, take care not to damage your teeth accidentally. Consume carefully, or else you might end up damaging your vacation as well as your tooth.

No matter how hot it gets, you should never gnaw on ice cubes. Ice cubes are simply too hard for your teeth.

7. Be prepared for dental emergencies

The first step in preventing a dental emergency is visiting your Mississauga dentist before your departure. Nonetheless, emergencies can still happen even after taking all the right precautions.

It’s a good idea to research local dental clinics or practitioners at your vacation destination in advance. Then, if anything goes wrong, you’re prepared. Having a plan also helps to ensure peace of mind.

Don’t forget to double-check that your travel insurance also includes dental emergencies.

Bristol Dental Clinic: Your Favourite Mississauga Dentist

At Bristol Dental Clinic, our team of dental professionals is ready to get your smile ready for vacation. When you stop by our clinic for a pre-vacation checkup, our dentists look for any developing oral health conditions and offer comprehensive treatment using the latest dental technologies.

To book an appointment in Mississauga, call Bristol Dental Clinic at 866-673-2109 or contact us here.

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